The Face Behind KAOS

Shantal discovered her love for fashion in 2009 when she continually was browsing the internet looking at various clothing trends. After graduating in 2010, Shantal was presented with a Lions’ Exchange Scholarship, where she traveled throughout Italy for a month during the summer. One of her favourite parts was visiting Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and seeing all the high-end fashion. She also had the opportunity to visit a shoe warehouse where they designed and created each shoe by hand. One of Shantal's favorite accessories is her shoes. 

In Fall 2010, Shantal began classes at the University of Regina. The classes were printmaking, painting, drawing, theatre design, and sewing. In year three, Shantal registered for a sewing class, where she met Deanna Tanner, a designer in Regina. Deanna took Shantal under her wing. She worked alongside Deanna for four years where she learned basic pattern drafting, sewing and how to run a business. Shantal accompanied Deanna to buyers’ conventions in Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Las Vegas.

In 2016, Shantal began classes at The Style Academy, where she took sewing and drafting classes, instructed by Janis Procyk of Prahsik Designs, and a styling course where she learned to style every-body type, instructed by Riley Lawson. With these classes, she drafted and sewed two of her own pieces, which appeared on the runway at Saskatchewan Fashion Week in 2017.

Shantal has been a part of Saskatchewan Fashion Week since it began in 2012. For the first two years, she volunteered her time backstage dressing the models. For the past five years, including 2018, Shantal has been selected to model other designers’ collections.

Over the years, Shantal has been involved in various fashion shows and photo shoots in Regina.

She volunteered in  2017 and 2018 as the Model Coordinator for Saskatchewan African Fashion Show. Both shows were a success as they showcased the diversity of local African talent in Saskatchewan.

Shantal has always strived to have a career in the fashion industry. She has been dreaming of opening her own store for a few years now but, in the past, the timing has not been right. But in 2018, Shantal decided that the timing is right! Shop the KAOS has been in the works for quite some time. We all know that life is chaotic but sometimes, you just have to go-with-the-flow. Shantal's dream of becoming an entrepreneur has finally come true. She is proud to announce Shop the KAOS and wants YOU to join her on this wild ride. Embrace the KAOS. Let's Shop The KAOS.

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